The designer collection of Starlust Jewelry has been revealed.

Starlust Jewelry unveils the Designer Collection, a celestial combination of astrology and great craftsmanship. Starlust‘s inventor, Kennon Young, set out to create a line that not only represents the essence of astrology but also resonates strongly with the wearers’ characteristics. The line goes beyond typical jewelry by incorporating the enchantment and appeal of celestial bodies into wearable art.

The various qualities of each astrological symbol inspired Young’s artistic journey. Pisces, for example, is emotionally sensitive, kind, and sympathetic to others, as well as a dreamer, inventive, and creative. Scorpios exhibit unrivaled loyalty and passion, and they are courageous, self-sufficient, and driven to achieve in whatever they do. To mention three of the twelve signs, Leos are natural leaders who show power and resilience while fiercely protecting those they love.

The new Designer Collection is available in 14K yellow, white, and rose gold, as well as platinum, and is encrusted with lab grown diamonds that glimmer like stars in the sky, adding to the astrological bodies’ mystique and meaning. Each necklace functions as a talisman, expressing the wearers’ identities and objectives, and represents the growing interest in the Zodiac, which is gaining popularity among those seeking personal direction.

The Signature Collection, Starlust Jewelry‘s first line, combines two zodiac signs in solid sterling silver, 14K yellow, white, and rose gold, and platinum. Every symbol combination is available.

The Signature Collection is an ideal gift or self-purchase, catering to a variety of relationships such as parent and child, couples in romantic unions, friends, siblings, bridesmaids, and even as a treasured token of remembrance, intertwining the wearer’s zodiac sign with that of a departed loved one.

Each piece serves as an eternal emblem, ensuring that the heavenly pairs are always there, near to the wearer’s heart and at their side.

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