Jewellers Today


Jewellers Today first published by C. A. Publication in the year 1997 with a view to enhance Jewellery and allied product business throughout India. It is an exclusive source book for the Jewellery and allied Industry. Jewellers Today which is comprehensive, biennial compendium containing the most complete, resourceful and upto date with most almost more than 25000 listing of jewellery, gemstones, machinery and tools, equipments and supplies, covering all sectors of Indian’s jewellery industry as well as exclusive interview, exhibitions, information of jewellery market.


It is being distributed to Jewellery retail & Wholesaler traders in India’s prominent cities in major Jewellery exhibitions like IIJS., Informa all shows, GGJS, JJS, JMAIIE, GJS & Overseas exhibitions like Hong Kong Jewellery fair, Istanbul Show, Malaysia fair etc., Other than these it is being freely distributed among Jewellery Councils and Associations and Jewellery institutes throughout the country. It is available in all major cities in India at jewellery related Bookshops.

Advantages for Advertisers

Advertising is the most important tool in the marketing of products and services. The expenses on advertising are considered to be a profitable investment that reaps profits both in the long and short run. An increased vigor has been experienced in the related fields to advertise in this directory. Our valued advertisers receiving satisfactory response from their clients. We put more efforts to distribute this directory to more different section of this industry in a large scale so our advertiser’s keeps their clients informed about the new developments in the jewellery industry and the newly launched products. From this kind of distribution, we are looking those target costumers who are looking beyond the ordinary view point by not being constrained in terms of budget and vision.

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