In April, Russia hosted a review visit for the Kimberley Process.

The Russian Federation sponsored a review visit of the Kimberley Process (KP) from April 5–12. Its objective was to evaluate...

Jewelry Design Students’ Graduation Ceremony is Held by GIA India

On April 19, GIA India‘s Mumbai campus hosted the Jewelry Design students’ graduation ceremony. The main guest was Devinder Layal...

Tanganite of 703 carats sets a world record.

The largest cut tanzanite in the world, a 703-carat blue tanzanite carving by artist Naomi Sarna, now holds the Guinness...

Limelight Lab Grown Diamonds launches its grand store in Kolkata with Adah Sharma.

Limelight Diamonds, India’s largest CVD diamond jewellery company, is excited to open its second store in Kolkata in just 15...

Palmonas, the jewellery business supported by Shraddha Kapoor, is set to raise approximately $3 million.

Palmonas, a jewellery firm sponsored by Shraddha Kapoor, plans to raise approximately $3 million. “To date, we have operated entirely...

Calls for screening centers in India to comply with G7 sanctions.

Indian officials are seeking for their own diamond screening center to comply with new G7 penalties, arguing that a single...

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