In Prayagraj, KISNA opens India’s 15th and Uttar Pradesh’s 4th Exclusive Brand Showroom.

KISNA, the well-known jewelry brand of the prestigious Hari Krishna Group, proudly brings to Prayagra over 18 years of unequaled competence in diamond jewelry design, manufacturing, and service.

Mr. Ghanshyam Dholakia, Founder & Managing Director Hari Krishna Group, celebrated the grand launch of KISNA‘s diamond and gold jewellery exclusive showroom in Prayagraj UP.

“We are overjoyed to open KISNA‘s first jewelry store in Prayagraj to introduce our latest jewelry designs to the city,” said Ghanshyam Dholakia. Our goal is to make diamond jewelry affordable to every woman in the country, and our expansion ambitions include reaching every family in India.

“Launching our showroom in the beautiful city of Prayagraj is our way forward in the next phase of growth and expansion,” said Parag Shah, Director of KISNA Diamonds. As this city is known for its unique jewelry designs, we intend to curate jewelry based on local tastes and respond to the state’s expanding demand.

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