PMI Bengaluru gets off to a roaring start.

The All India Gems and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC)‘s ultimate fusion of business and leisure networking event – Preferred Manufacturer of India (PMI) – got off to a rousing start, with approximately 200 leading jewellers from across the country congregating in Bengaluru for networking on Friday, November 24, 2023.

This major networking meet and exhibition previously began at Leela Bhartiya City in Bengaluru with the lighting of the lamp by GJC Chairman Mr Saiyam Mehra, Convener Mr Madan Kothari, Joint Convener Mr Chetan Thadeshwar, Past Chairman Mr Nitin Khandelwal, and G V Shridhar. The PMI Bengaluru has once again set a new standard for the industry, with must-attend growth in future business.

GJC’s PMI features eye-catching jewelry from distinguished participants, presenting new designs and handcrafted decorations for both B2B and B2C segments. It has evolved into a leading industry event for jewelers looking to grow their business by networking with the complete value chain under one roof. This event features a wide range of fresh designs, inventive inventions, and exceptional jewelry collections in gold, diamond, and colored stones.

Saiyam Mehra,
Chairman of GJC

“I congratulate the entire GJC and PMI team who worked day and night to make this event a grand success,” said Saiyam Mehra, Chairman of GJC. GJC, as the industry’s apex body, pursues a variety of activities and programs to benefit the whole jewelry value chain. These events aim to improve industry business practices, promote compliance, standardization, and transparency, and promote professionalism for the industry sector’s growth and development. GJC also engages in numerous promotional operations to advance the retail and manufacturing industries via various dedicated platforms. Organizing PMI is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for GJC as well as a promotional experience for participants. Participating in PMI can provide enormous benefits to jewelers.”

Rajesh Rokde,
Vice Chairman of GJC

According to Rajesh Rokde, Vice Chairman of GJC, the PMI has proven to be a game changer for the whole gems and jewellery industry in an unpredictable market scenario and high gold prices. This event is known for boosting commerce and trade, with each new edition evolving, innovating, and learning from previous experiences. As the name implies, PMI is for the industry’s chosen individuals, and the industry is committed to maintaining focused on its business objectives and ambitions. That could be why the organizing committee is quite precise with the store selection procedure, and only those who are hand-picked to ensure the best matching of seller profiles are accepted to these special exhibits. Networking for business is the new slogan for successful businesses, and PMI provides manufacturers with a dedicated platform that enables improved relationship-building with the country’s most significant jewelry stores.

Madan Kothari,
Convenor of PMI

GJC initiates various promotional activities for retail businesses as well as manufacturing segments through various dedicated platforms,” said Madan Kothari, Convenor of PMI. PMI is an effort in which we provide a luxury podium for manufacturers and merchants to do concentrated business. Today, PMI is known for its dedication to offering a superb platform where buyers and sellers may spend as much time as possible getting to know one other, exchanging business ideas, and fulfilling promises for wholesome business growth.”

PMI also provides its participants with outstanding business-cum-leisure events. The organizer has carefully considered the place and properties for holding PMI events. Today, PMI has emerged as a leader in premium B2B events due to its ability to consistently adapt and update in response to time and participant demand. Furthermore, PMI participants are notable since they are chosen by the PMI team based on their leadership and eminence in their respective product lines. PMI is a chance for jewelry retailers since it brings together the top jewelry businesses from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on a single platform, with product categories such as gold antique and mass jewelry, jadau and polkhi, diamond jewelry, and many more.

Chetan Thadeshwar,
Joint Convenor PMI

“In my opinion, there is a need to evolve PMI as a model for doing business through exhibition because it beats all odds and builds stronger bonds between the buyer and seller,” says Chetan Thadeshwar, Joint Convenor PMI. Bengaluru is an excellent choice for both business and leisure meetings. PMI is an exclusive B2B exhibition that allows retailers from all over the world to attend and do business with jewelry producers. This event in Bengaluru spans the entire country, with a focus on the most dynamic southern markets.”

PMI‘s main draw is the program, which is designed to provide a great combination of business and leisure experiences. Furthermore, it is hosted in carefully selected cities and towns with the goal of filling the gaps between the demand and supply needs of manufacturers and merchants. Furthermore, each participant has an equal opportunity to interact with major retailers from throughout the country. PMI is an event that gives participants with 360-degree solutions by achieving numerous business objectives, including brand image development and market share expansion by developing and renewing commercial partnerships with significant retailers in India.

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