Largest and multicoloured LGDs are graded by IGI.

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) recently analysed and graded a polished lab-grown diamond weighing more than 50 carats, the largest ever recorded, as well as a multicoloured lab-grown.

The 50.25 ct. diamond, dubbed “Shiphra,” is a type IIa emerald cut measuring 22.95 x 18.45 x 11.57 mm and boasting G colour, VS2 clarity, and superb cut, polish, and symmetry. Ethereal Green Diamond, based in Mumbai, grew and polished it over a six-month period using the chemical vapour deposition process.

According to IGI, this latest discovery was the first to surpass the “half century” carat criterion. In May, GIA assessed a 34.59 ct. emerald-cut CVD-grown diamond, the largest that lab has ever seen.

In addition, IGI examined a 10.96 ct. raw diamond and a 4.38 ct. lab-grown diamond with blue and yellow colour zones.

Meylor Global, a Ukrainian business that created the multicoloured jewels in honour of the country’s blue-and-yellow flag, grew the diamonds using high pressure high temperature (HPHT).

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