Through seminars in Rajkot and Junagadh, GJEPC Surat RO empowers the G&J industry.

Informative seminars on important subjects, including membership awareness, small parcel exports, IIJS visitor registration, and export awareness were organised by the GJEPC Surat Regional Office in Junagadh and Rajkot. Over 300 people from the local gem and jewellery industries attended the events in Junagadh, and 250 people attended the one in Rajkot.

The GJEPC‘s Regional Chairman for Surat, Mr. Vijay Mangukiya, spoke about the seminars’ goals and described the wide range of activities the GJEPC has been involved in. He emphasised the value of GJEPC membership, explained the perks that come with it, and urged all members to join the organisation as a first step in starting an export business.

The seminars also included informative talks about the future IIJS Premiere, which emphasised the need to register quickly before the first phase expires on June 30, 2023. Participants were advised to register as soon as possible to maximise their participation in this prestigious jewellery exhibition.

The president of the local association, Mr. Vijay Ranpara, gave visitors a thorough overview of the resources at their disposal by sharing insights into the services given by the Junagadh CFC. In both cities, Mr. Amit Mulani from Bharat Uday Mission also gave thorough presentations to participants, educating them on the scope and procedure of exporting specifically for the gem and jewellery business.

All trade members were encouraged by Mr. Jagdish Soni, President of the Rajkot Gem & Jewellery Association, to take full advantage of the GJEPC‘s services. He applauded the GJEPC team‘s tireless efforts in supporting the development and prosperity of trade members.

The President of the Rajkot Jewellery Federation Cluster, Mr. Chandresh Patadiya, gave important details about the Rajkot Common Facilities Centre. Members received a briefing on the range of services available and the associated costs, giving them the information they needed to make wise choices.

An expert presentation on the export procedure for tiny parcels was given by a representative of Shypmax, a well-known company in the sector. The participants received helpful advice and insightful information for navigating this area of the gem and jewellery export industry successfully.

The seminars provided industry experts with enlightening forums for information exchange and industry expansion in the gem and jewellery industry.

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