The ‘Thinnest Gold Coin’ was created by Augmont, which was honoured by the Asia Book of Records.

By creating the Thinnest Gold Coin, Augmont Gold for All, a top platform offering cutting-edge gold solutions, has reached a key milestone that has been recognised by the Asia Book of Records.

The Thinnest Gold Coin, created by Augmont Gold for All, has a remarkable thickness of less than 1mm, weighs 100mg, and measures 2.2 cm in diameter. The company said that painstaking workmanship, cutting-edge technology, and the combined knowledge of its highly competent manufacturing team were responsible for the accomplishment.

“We are honoured to have our thinnest gold coin recognised by the esteemed Asia Book of Records,” said Sachin Kothari, Director of Augmont – Gold for All. This accomplishment demonstrates our passion for democratising gold ownership as well as our dedication to pushing the limits of innovation. Augmont is committed to providing distinctive and cutting-edge gold solutions so that people from all spheres of society can invest in this timeless asset.

The Thinnest Gold Coin has an image that represents prosperity, strength, and endurance on one side and the Augmont insignia on the other. Each coin is crafted of 999-pure 24-karat gold, the purest available.

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