HK Group Joins WJI 2030 in Creating a Sustainable Future

Mumbai (India) – Hari Krishna Group, a major diamond and jewellery manufacturer, has joined the Watches & Jewellery Initiatives 2030 (WJI 2030), a worldwide sustainability effort started in 2021 by Kering and Cartier. WJI 2030 strives to increase sustainability in three areas: climate resilience, resource preservation, and inclusion, and is guided by the United Nations Global Compact’s Ten Principles and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Hari Krishna Group‘s engagement in the WJI 2030 programme reflects its strong commitment to social responsibility and environmental protection, which it promotes through the Dholakia Foundation, the Hari Krishna Group‘s philanthropic arm.

The Foundation has conducted a number of initiatives, including the planting of nearly 2.5 million trees and the construction of 125 lakes around Gujarat and India as part of the #Mission100Sarovar programme. These activities have greatly improved the water source in adjacent villages, resulting in wildlife resurgence and the resolution of water scarcity in over 100 settlements. With a combined capacity of 7 billion litres, these lakes have enabled farmers to grow up to three harvests every year.

The continuous commitment of the Hari Krishna Group to sustainability and the environment has set a great example for others to follow, and they continue to be a driving force for positive change. Notably, their efforts to preserve resources fit with the WJI 2030 initiative’s pillar of the same name, making them a viable partner in this collaborative venture, and Hari Krishna Group can take the lead in this pillar.

Hari Krishna Group joins other luxury watchmakers and jewellery brands in the WJI 2030 initiative, including Lange & Söhne, IWC Schaffhausen, Jaeger-Lecoultre, Panerai, Piaget, Dimexon, Mattioli, Pandora, Rubel & Ménasché,  in addition to existing members such as Cartier, Kering (Boucheron, Gucci Watches, Pomellato, Dodo, Qeelin), Chanel Horlogerie Joaillerie, Montblanc, Rosy Blue, and Swarovski.

“We are honoured to join Watches & Jewellery Initiatives 2030 and collaborate with other leading brands to accelerate positive impact in our industry,” stated Savjibhai Dholakia, Founder and Chairman of Hari Krishna Group. We share a vision of a sustainable future and are dedicated to make a positive difference for the earth and its people. The preservation of resources is extremely important to us, and we take great delight in contributing to this pillar through our Dholakia Foundation.”

We welcome HK to the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030, stated Iris Van der Veken, executive director and secretary general of the WJI 2030. The moment has come to step up efforts to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We look forward to their active participation and engagement in executing our three fundamental pillars of climate action, resource preservation, and inclusion.

We hope to have a major and positive impact on our business and society as a whole by partnering with other industry leaders and supporting the WJI 2030 programme. We will work together to make the watch and jewellery business more inclusive, resilient, and responsible. We are pleased about the potential ahead and will continue to uphold the highest standards of sustainability, social responsibility, and innovation.

The Dholakia Foundation organised the UN 2023 Water Conference Gala Dinner as an outside event at the UN 2023 Water Conference as a stunning expression of support for the Watches & Jewellery Initiatives 2030. The Hari Krishna Group dedicated a lake in the name of Watches & Jewellery Initiatives 2030 during this distinguished event, symbolising their great dedication to the cause and teamwork.

The lake’s dedication symbolises the Hari Krishna Group‘s deep confidence in the transforming potential of collaboration and the transformative impact that can be realised via sustainable practises in the watch and jewellery business. This symbolic act acts as a reminder of their steadfast dedication to the preservation of water resources and the environment.

As we continue on this path, we ask everyone to join us in striving for a better future in which the environment thrives and communities thrive. Together, we can leave a lasting legacy and create a better future for future generations.

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