80kg of gold has been sold in jewellery sales this Akshaya Trithiya in Coimbatore.

As Akshaya Tritiya Day was observed on April 22 and 23, Coimbatore‘s gold jewellery stores were bustling with activity. Jewellers offered a variety of unique deals in an effort to draw clients, which led to a generally successful business. Nevertheless, despite the celebrations, the jewellers reported a 20% decline in sales from the prior year.

President of the Coimbatore Gold Jewellers’ Association Muthu Venkataraman ascribed the decline in sales to the rise in gold prices. He said, “Due to the increase in costs, people exhibited more interest in buying gold jewellery in smaller grammes. This year, Akshaya Tritiya was celebrated for two days for the first time in many years, and 80 kg of gold were sold in Coimbatore. 100 kilogramme of gold were sold last year.

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