Newly Redesigned Flagship New York Store Unveiled by Tiffany & Co.

The renowned Tiffany & Co. flagship store, now called as “The Landmark,” will reopen its doors in April 2023, according to the company. It is located on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue. The Landmark, one of the biggest stores in Manhattan, would be distinguished by original artwork, previously unseen diamonds, and immersive displays, it was noted.

Since the shop first opened its doors in 1940, The Landmark is the elite jeweler’s first comprehensive makeover of the space. The renowned façade with its Atlas statue and clock above the revolving doors was renovated to honour its original design, paying homage to the building’s unique original structure, while the interiors have been fully rebuilt into a new world of wonders.

“The reopening of the iconic Fifth Avenue Landmark is a major milestone for our House,” said Anthony Ledru, president and the executive officer of Tiffany & Co. The Landmark is more than just a jewellery store; it is a cultural centre with an outstanding display of architecture, first-rate service, as well as cutting-edge art and design. It is a symbol of a new age for Tiffany & Co. It raises the standard for luxury retailing significantly.

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