Thomas Sabo’s launch of Charmista represents a new approach.

With the introduction of the brand-new, membership-based Charmista concept, Thomas Sabo has improved its Charm Club line.

A new engravable Charmista Coin will be featured on bracelets and necklaces for the Charm Club collection, which was introduced in 2006.

Up until December 31, members who buy Charmista bracelets, necklaces, or coin pendants will get a 15% discount on all charms.

Members have access to a variety of special parties, events, and promotions.

‘Charmista – As We Are’ is the name of a marketing campaign that will support the debut both domestically and internationally. The brand was launched in Germany in 1984.

In keeping with the first campaign theme of “Love,” Thomas Sabo has introduced new charms including sparkling letters, love charms, and mum charms embellished with lettering, as well as a variety of charms decorated with pink cold enamel.

“Key themes like ‘As We Tell’, ‘As We Love’, ‘As We Travel’ and ‘As We Party’ define collection drops and new goods that delightfully depict the Charmista lifestyle. The Charm Club‘s intricate, entertaining pieces innovatively and creatively communicate their own personal experiences.

Starting on April 27, the new line will be offered in Thomas Sabo stores, online, and at a few specialty stores. Thomas Sabo is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by the Duraflex Australia Group.

In addition to a number of new watch designs, Thomas Sabo recently unveiled the Mystic Island line, which consists of hand-crafted pieces inspired by lost treasures.

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