Shobitam launches silver jewelry on its fifth anniversary.

Shobitam, a well-known global direct-to-consumer ethnic apparel and jewelry business, celebrates five years of highlighting India’s rich cultural history to the world. In honor of this achievement, the brand has expanded its product line with the exclusive ‘Shobitam Zevar‘. Shobitam was founded with the goal of disseminating India’s rich handloom narrative around the world, and it strives to provide clients with personalized ethnic shopping experiences.

The newly launched collection, ‘Shobitam Zevar‘, exemplifies timeless elegance combined with current Indian design elements. In addition to the ‘Zevar Collection‘, the firm has launched a new ‘Kids Collection’ with ethno-modern designs. This collection includes stunning necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, nose pins, and rings, all expertly handcrafted from genuine 92.5 silver jewelry.

The designs draw inspiration from India’s vast cultural past, perfectly blending traditional components with modern forms. The ‘Zevar‘ series gives classic Indian designs, such the Maharashtrian Nath, a modern twist as exquisite pendants. Each piece in this exclusive collection tells a story about Indian workmanship and tradition, capturing the vitality of India’s cultural tapestry.

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