Symetree hand-picked vintage treasures!

The Chanakya is a private residence in the heart of Lutyens’ Delhi, where luxury meets vintage treasures! The Chanakya featured a magnificent vintage display, taking luxury consumers on a sumptuous voyage through time. This sumptuous event for distinguished connoisseurs and collectors presented rare and legendary works across the eras.

Guests were immersed in the world of limited-edition collectibles, artworks, vintage fashion wear, timepieces, and jewels that marked the pinnacle of style throughout history, with an invitation to meet collectors and luxury businesses.

Over a decade, Symetree old Jewellery curated 8,000 old masterpieces, ensuring the legacy of vintage beauty. Design flawlessly merged fashion and nostalgia, creating new pieces such as typewriter lighting from the 1950s and a Bluetooth-enabled 1955 Philips radio. The Smoke Company provided a multi-sensory experience by offering a diverse selection ranging from 24-carat gold leaf cigars to premium non-Cuban kinds.

The evening was dedicated to ‘celebrating Timeless luxury at The Chanakya,’ with attendees immersed in the stories behind each vintage treasure and engaged in stylistic and chronological nuances to gain insights into the value and investment trends of vintage fashion, jewelry, and watches.

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