Tanishq, Expands US Presence

Tanishq, India’s leading jewelry retailer, announces the inauguration of two new retail outlets in Houston and Frisco, Texas, as part of its ongoing growth into the US market. These launches follow the brand’s initial entry into the US, with its flagship store opening in Iselin, New Jersey, in January of this year.

Tanishq is reaching out to the Indian American community in Texas, which has the country’s second largest Indian American population. Over 450,000 Indian Americans live in Texas now, with the majority residing in the state’s major metropolitan areas such as Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth (which is only 30 miles from the new Frisco shop).

Although the brand has been available on e-commerce in the United States for nearly two years, Tanishq is excited to better serve the community in these markets by providing expanded access to their fine jewelry products, including their one-of-a-kind collections, Dharohar and Tales of Mystique, through these new locations.

Tanishq has a rich story that spans nearly 30 years, and the name was created by combining two words.” Tan – means body in Sanskrit, and Nishq – means gold adornment – when combined came to indicate an ornament that adds to the beauty and elegance of women, according to Kuruvilla Markose, Chief Executive Officer.

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