The Glacial Symphony Sapphire Earrings by Gübelin Pay Tribute to the Swiss Alps

Glacial Symphony chandelier earrings by Gübelin Jewellery are flowing and organic in style. The earrings are a jewel-encrusted homage to the beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Gübelin Jewellery introduces Glacial Symphony, a new haute joaillerie design from the company’s Lucerne atelier. The chandelier earrings were inspired by the sapphire’s inner universe, which exhibits distinctive formations that reminded the artisans of a glacier feeding a brilliant mountain stream.

The magnificent linear earrings are inspired by light refractions in ice crystals and the slowly falling mountain stream through the Swiss Alpine scenery.

Glacial Symphony is available in two styles: as classically exquisite ear studs or as chandelier earrings with a flowing gemstone setting. The two cushion-shaped sapphires (5.40 carats and 5.18 carats) from Sri Lanka ooze elegance and grace. The earrings have a total of 17.35 carats of sapphires.

The chandelier element’s gemstone setting begins with a cabochon-cut ruby. These earrings feature four rubies, followed by diamonds placed in a fine, flowing gradation reminiscent of a glittering mountain stream. Marquise-shaped sapphires enhance Glacial Symphony‘s powerful intensity, significantly enhancing its dynamism.

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