The CIBJO Pre-Congress Report Examines the Evolution of Jewellery Marketing

The CIBJO Marketing and Education Commission, directed by Jonathan Kendall, has released the first pre-Congress Special Report as the countdown to the 2023 CIBJO Congress in Jaipur, India, enters its last phase. The report digs into the dynamic developments that have revolutionised the landscape of jewellery marketing and provides useful insights for the future of the industry.

Over the last five decades, the jewellery industry’s marketing methods have shifted significantly away from just showcasing wealth and luxury. Instead, there has been a noticeable shift towards a more inclusive and emotionally compelling approach.

Kendall claims that modern marketing strategies increasingly stress human connections, authenticity, and sustainability, harmonising with customers’ developing beliefs and objectives.

Understanding consumer tastes, staying current on industry trends, and exploiting technical improvements are the keys to success in jewellery marketing. Both retailers and brands may develop long-lasting connections with their target audience by emphasising the value of storytelling, forging meaningful collaborations, adopting an omni-channel approach, and providing customised experiences.

The President of the CIBJO Marketing and Education Commission also gave a preview of the CIBJO Academy, which will be launched at the CIBJO Congress. The CIBJO Blue Books will be used as the major source material for this innovative initiative, which aims to communicate industry best practises and procedures. Attendees who participate in the CIBJO Academy and its educational programmes will be recognised by CIBJO as certified “Jewellery Industry Professionals.”

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