The Global Leadership Programme of GIA enables G&J leaders to develop resilience and a sense of purpose.

Global gem and jewellery industry leaders recently convened at Harvard Business School (HBS) for the 2023 GIA Global Leadership Programme for a life-changing educational experience. The programme, which took place from June 19 to June 22 on the Harvard campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, provided a unique opportunity to explore the opportunities and challenges facing the gem and jewellery industry using the HBS case study method in a lively discussion between renowned HBS faculty members and peers from the industry.

The specially created programme, Building Purpose and Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty, examined the key lessons learned and how to apply them to ensure the vitality and relevance of businesses and organisations for a prosperous future. It concentrated on the collective experiences of various sectors of the jewellery industry during the pandemic.

The following Harvard GIA Global Leadership Programme will be held in June 2024.

“The GIA Global Leadership Programme left me inspired and motivated,” said Nadja Swarovski, the creator of Pegasus Private Capital. “From Harvard’s beautiful campus, engaging case studies, and alluring lecturers, to GIA’s leadership team, and my fellow classmates, leaders of the jewellery business. The week gave us important new understanding of today’s important issues, including sustainable business practises, human leadership, purpose-driven businesses, digitalization, and AI and how they are evolving to touch all of us.

The 2023 GIA Global Leadership Programme provided a venue for learning, exploring cutting-edge tactics, and fostering resilience.

The programme is enriching on numerous levels, according to Tiffany Stevens, the Jewellers Vigilance Committee’s CEO and general counsel. Not only is it a fully immersive, best-in-class educational experience with the most well-known companies in the world, but the handpicked case studies, which were guided by the foremost American business and organisational academics, were specifically tailored to the most pressing problems in our gem and jewellery industry.

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