A partnership between Senco and “Satya Prem ki Katha” is announced.

The most well-known jewellery retailer in Eastern India, Senco Gold and Diamonds, is excited to announce its collaboration with the much-anticipated movie “Satya Prem ki Katha,” starring Kartik Aryan and Kiara Advani. Senco Gold and Diamonds, an in-film branding partner, will display their stunning jewellery in the film and release a special limited edition bridal line that draws inspiration from the alluring designs in the movie.

With captivating graphics and a musical wedding theme, “Satya Prem ki Katha” centres on the enthralling love tale of Satya Prem and Katha. This natural connection to the movie is in complete harmony with Senco Gold and Diamonds‘ dedication to provide excellent artisanship and elegance.

The well-known Bollywood actress Kiara Advani, who plays Katha, also represents Senco Gold and Diamonds as its national brand ambassador. This collaboration is highlighted by this relationship, which creates a connection between the brand’s principles and the storyline of the movie.

‘We are happy to cooperate with the film ‘Satya Prem ki Katha‘ and introduce an exclusive jewellery line that reflects the essence of the movie’s love narrative,’ said Ms. Joita Sen, Director of Senco Gold and Diamonds, in reference to the collaboration. At Senco Gold and Diamonds, we are committed to producing designs that capture timeless styles and speak to the hopes and desires of our clients.

Under the SatyaPrem Ki Katha label, Senco Gold and Diamonds has also debuted a special collection of bridal jewellery that includes polki, kundan, antique, diamond, and gold pieces. Customers can now visit the stores and website of Senco Gold and Diamonds to browse this wide selection and enjoy the fine craftsmanship. The starting price for this collection is roughly one lakh Indian rupees. Additionally, Senco Gold and Diamonds has released the “Gossip from the House of Senco” collection, which was inspired by Satya Prem Ki Katha, to cater to the young ladies who saw jewellery as an extension of their self-expression. This line of everyday clothing features reasonably priced, stylish products that are current with fashion.

The Satya Prem Ki Katha team expressed their joy about the partnership by saying, “The intricate artistry and eternal beauty of Senco Gold and Diamonds perfectly fit the soul of “SatyaPrem ki Katha.” This affiliation enhances the film’s realism and grace, giving our audience a better overall visual experience.

Customers who purchase jewels from the special SatyaPrem Ki Katha Collection will have the opportunity to meet the film’s leading actors as part of an exciting campaign, giving an added element of magic to their jewellery experience.

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