For the second consecutive year, PNG Jewellers receives Great Place to Work® Certification.

The most renowned jeweller in Maharashtra, PNG Jewellers, is pleased to announce that it has been recognised as a Great Place to Work® in India once more. It shows the company’s dedication to developing a dynamic and growth-oriented workplace that PNG Jewellers has been awarded this coveted certification for the second year in a row.

A well-known expert on creating and identifying High-Trust, High-Performance Cultures™ in companies is Great Place to Work®. The institution has studied in-depth the factors that make an organisation a truly fantastic place to work for more than three decades. Great Place to Work® works with more than 1100 organisations each year in 22 industries in India to help them create High-Trust, High-Performance CulturesTM that promote long-term company success and employee retention.

PNG Jewellers is aware that attaining success necessitates having ambitious goals and utilising the potential of the best individuals in a supportive and nurturing environment. In order to empower employees at all levels, the company has recently launched a number of people-first initiatives and policies. PNG Jewellers places a high value on education, candid communication, professional ethics, customer focus, women’s safety, teamwork, and fostering excellence within the company.

Several of the company’s programmes, like SAAMVED, Performance Management by Objective, Udaan, Speak Out, IDEA, Gratitude Note, and others, demonstrate its dedication to fostering a great workplace. These programmes reinforce PNG Jewellers‘ fundamental principles and foster a unified and encouraging workplace environment.

PNG Jewellers has not only earned the trust of its clients, but also received top marks on the Great Place to Work® survey measuring employee trust. The study assesses important factors that make a great working environment, such as management’s trustworthiness, respect for people, workplace fairness, pride, and camaraderie among employees.

Dr. Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director, expressed his joy at this recognition and emphasised the crucial leadership behaviours that characterise PNG Jewellers. “PNG Jewellers is committed to fostering work atmosphere with a variety of good elements, such as supporting women in leadership positions, including people with disabilities, protecting staff safety, and encouraging openness in policy-making and customer relationships. PNG Jewellers is dedicated to promoting a culture of cohesion, ideas, beliefs, ambitions, and unrestrained passion, creating a solid base for enduring growth year after year.

PNG Jewellers scored highly on each of these criteria, with 89 for managerial credibility, 89 for respect for people, 88 for workplace justice, 91 for worker pride, and 84 for interpersonal camaraderie. These exceptional results demonstrate the organization’s dedication to preserving a work environment that values trust, cooperation, justice, pride, and a sense of belonging.

PNG Jewellers is still committed to its mission of building an inclusive workplace and ensuring a better tomorrow for everyone. Due to the company’s efforts throughout the epidemic, the staff now feels secure and stable and is committed to the business. This dedication to caring encompasses not only its staff but also its clients and society at large.

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