At the 2023 AGM, the RJC elects its Executive Committee and Board Members.

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the leading standards-setting organisation for the global jewellery and watch industries, announced that at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 9, its members elected three members to its Executive Committee of the Board of Directors and nine members to the Board.

RJC‘s strength comes from the engagement of our 1,700 committed members, a deeply experienced board and executive leadership team, and a shared belief in building sustainable, responsible business practises across our industry,” RJC Chairman David Bouffard stated. “Through diverse perspectives and deep knowledge, these newly elected leaders will accelerate our efforts in collaboration with a highly talented set of existing board members.” Congratulations to everyone.”

During the meeting, Bouffard announced the election results. Officers of the RJC Executive Committee were elected:

Royal Asscher’s Edward Asscher was chosen Vice Chair. “I was invited to the board in 2022,” he explained. Now that I’ve been voted to the board, I feel strongly supported in furthering the RJC‘s goals of sustainability, diversity, and constant improvement. I use my extensive experience to help us achieve our objectives, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses.”

The World Diamond Council‘s Udi Sheintal was chosen Honorary Secretary. “I am honoured and grateful for the show of trust from RJC members,” he said, adding, “and look forward to joining the RJC Officers in contributing to the organization’s important work.”

De Beers‘ Honorary Treasurer Feriel Zerouki was re-elected. “With stakeholder focus on sustainability increasing, it is critical that the jewellery industry adopts the highest standards of practise,” she said. As a result, I’m thrilled to be re-elected treasurer of the RJC as it continues to grow its membership and make a bigger positive effect with its leading environmental agenda.”

The following candidates were elected as RJC Member Forum representatives, where Directors represent their particular forums in the jewellery and watch supply chain:

Zara Boltd of Lucara Diamonds and Purvi Shah of De Beers have been appointed to represent the Diamond, Gold, and/or Platinum Group Metals Producer Forum.

Leo Schachter Diamonds‘ Michael Steinmetz was elected to represent the Diamond Trader and/or Cutter and Polisher Forum.

C. Hafner’s Philip Reisert was re-elected to the Gold & Platinum Group Metals Trader, Refiner, or Hedger Forum.

The Retailer Forum was represented by Colleen Rooney of Signet Jewellers and Reout Kallati of Kallati International.

The Service Industries Forum was represented by Kareena Shahani of IGI India and Rajesh Neelakanta of Sequel Secure Logistics.

The Trade Association Forum was represented by Gaetano Cavalieri of CIBJO and Bernadette Pinet Couq of BJOP.

As the RJC continues to promote and improve responsible business practises across the global jewellery and watch supply chain, the Board and Officers will collaborate closely with RJC Executive Director Melanie Grant and her management team.

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