Diamond Bride concept line is introduced by Manish Malhotra High Jewellery.

With an all-natural diamonds collection, Manish Malhotra High Jewellery redefines the code of bridal heirlooms.

With the launch of his unique High Jewellery line, Manish Malhotra represents a significant change in the history of bridal heirlooms.

Manish Malhotra High Jewellery, which debuted on June 14th, 2023, pioneered the unique notion of a “Diamond Bride,” a first in the industry. It only showcases the brightness of diamonds, symbolising his revolutionary commitment to producing an incomparable bridal experience. The celebrated designer continues his endeavour to rethink the norms of heirloom pieces after successfully debuting the Polki line in 2019. This collection perfectly merges classic designs with modern elegance, boldly transitioning from fabric-based couture to the bright world of high jewellery.

“I embarked on the path of jewellery inspired by the historical richness and intrinsic appeal of Polkis, which served as a beautiful testament to our storied heritage,” Manish Malhotra says. We are now venturing into the area of natural diamonds to create new heirlooms fitted to today’s brides’ sensitivities.”

This creative High Jewellery collection features diamonds in a variety of enticing cuts, including Brilliant, Rose, and Victorian. Each was carefully selected for its exceptional quality.

Manish Malhotra’s High Jewellery line incorporates natural stones of premium grade, such as stunning Zambian and Russian emeralds and beautiful Mozambique rubies, demonstrating his boundary-pushing attitude. The natural inclusions and cracks in these coloured stones are preserved, indicating their natural provenance and adding to their individual beauty. Natural South Sea pearls accompany these stones, fusing traditional and modern elements.

Furthermore, each piece is validated by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) lab, ensuring customers of the ultimate quality and integrity of their purchase.

Manish Malhotra recently made waves with his new collection by showcasing an exclusive piece built specifically for actress Kiara Advani‘s wedding. This all-diamond ensemble established a new trend in the Indian market, marking a watershed event in bridal jewellery. Kiara Advani‘s magnificent wedding jewellery deviated from traditional patterns, emphasising diamonds’ everlasting power.

Manish Malhotra’s High Jewellery collection honours love, beauty, and the timeless allure of diamonds. This historic move has attracted the attention of industry insiders and revolutionised the perception of bridal heirlooms, ushering in a new era of luxury in the Indian bridal landscape and providing discerning jewellery aficionados with a truly compelling experience.

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