Allegoria High Jewellery Collection by Gucci

Allegoria, the newest high jewellery line from Gucci, was unveiled last week in Florence and features precious stones in vivid hues and striking patterns that are supposed to mimic the colours of the seasons found in nature. The collection, according to a press statement from the company, “expresses nature’s spectacular transitions and ephemeral beauty via the unceasing changing of the seasons. Unique designs create a crescendo of passion and joy by illuminating a variety of precious stones in bold, rich tones.

Allegoria pieces, which start with spring and summer, are adorned with vivid and kaleidoscopic stones like emeralds, spinel, tourmaline, and a lot of diamonds. Yellow sapphires, pink tourmaline, and mandarin garnets feel cosier and more muted as autumn progresses. Winter also brings colder tones with prominent diamonds along with enamel and hazy opal.

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