IPMI Jun-Ichiro Tanaka Distinguished Achievement Award Given to Gaetano Cavalieri

The prestigious 2023 IPMI Jun-ichiro Tanaka Distinguished Achievement Award has been given to Gaetano Cavalieri, President of the Confédération Internationale de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie, Orfèvrerie des Diamants, Perles et Pierres (CIBJO), for his significant contributions to the gem and jewellery industry. On June 13, in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, during the 47th Conference of the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI), there was an award presentation.

Dr Cavalieri received the Jun-ichiro Tanaka Distinguished Achievement Award from Koichiro Tanaka, CEO of the Tokyo-based Tanaka Group. The Tanaka Memorial Foundation sponsors this award, which honours extraordinary career accomplishments in the technical, financial, or managerial facets of the precious metals sector. The majority of previous winners of the prize were well-known scientists connected to famous academic institutions all around the world.

The CIBJO president expressed his appreciation for the honour, saying, “I believe that this important recognition indicates that our themes of transparency, responsibility, and social awareness have resonated throughout our community, and to have them placed at the same level as some of the most ground-breaking scientific accomplishments is truly gratifying. I appreciate the kind donations from IPMI and the Tanaka Memorial Foundation.

Prior to this, Dr. Cavalieri gave a comprehensive speech at the IPMI Conference on a comprehensive strategy for ethical sourcing and supply chain integrity in the jewellery sector. “Sustainability in a luxury product industry like jewellery will not be achieved through a single undertaking, but rather through a multitude of acts, by people and companies working together or individually,” he said at the conference. There has been a significant push in the past few years to adopt consistent standards of practise in this area.

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