JCK Talks promotes ethical sourcing, transparency, and sustainability.

At the JCK Las Vegas Show – The Venetian Expo, JCK Talks, the recognised venue for meaningful discussions within the jewellery industry, featured an enthralling panel on sustainability. The discussion, titled “Mine to finger: transparency in the diamond supply chain,” delved at critical components of the natural diamond industry’s ethical sourcing, transparency, and sustainability practises.

The discussion comprised prominent professionals from the diamond field and was moderated by Tracey Ellison, The Diamonds Girl, and Grant Mobley, Jewellery & Watch Editor of Only Natural Diamonds and the Natural Diamond Council.

Sabyasachi Ray, Executive Director of GJEPC; Naseem Banu Lahri, Managing Director of Lucara Botswana; Ilan Messika, CEO of Andre Messika; and Alisa Amupolo, CEO of Namdia were among the panellists.

Several crucial questions from the industry and consumers were addressed by the panellists throughout the heated conversation. The significance of ethically sourced stones to retailers and consumers, the consequences of G7 sanctions, the openness of the natural diamond supply chain, and the industry’s sustainability practises and initiatives were all strongly debated.

The session focused light on the market’s growing consciousness and demand for ethically sourced stones, emphasising the importance of transparency throughout the whole diamond supply chain. The panellists provided insightful information about their organisations’ efforts and the industry’s collective commitment to sustainable practises, emphasising the necessity of responsible mining, ethical standards, and social responsibility.

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