The Natural Diamond Council has introduced a bi-annual print magazine.

Only Natural Diamonds (OND), the Natural Diamond Council‘s digital platform, has launched its first print magazine, edited by Sam Broekema. According to NDC, the magazine will supplement its web presence at naturaldiamonds.com. The bi-annual magazine will cover the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons, bringing exciting information to diamond fans all around the world.

Gabrielle Union, the outstanding actress, graces the cover of the first-ever Spring/Summer print issue. Union shares her own diamond moments, insights into her acting career, family memories, and her vision for the future of Hollywood in an exclusive inside cover story written by Christine Whitney.

“The decision to move into print was a collaborative one,” said Sam Broekema. It represents the pinnacle of how far we’ve come editorially in such a short time. The publication is an ode to natural diamonds. In a legacy media, we have the ability to share them with the world in all of their glittering beauty. The magazine provides something for everyone, from stunning images to real-life descriptions of how natural diamonds effect the livelihoods of 10 million people worldwide.”

The magazine emphasises diamond jewellery trends that effortlessly combine with the fashion zeitgeist, leveraging OND’s editorial skills. Notable editorials include Jennifer Livingston’s “Second Skin Bangles” and Mark Lim’s fanciful piece on Akimbo Engagement Rings, a phrase developed to describe the centre diamond set askew. In an inside feature photographed by Alexander Saladrigas, actress Keirnan Shipka takes central stage, accompanied by the delicate beauty of real diamonds, reflecting the appeal of a Hollywood heroine from the noir era.

Kristina Buckley Kayel, NDC’s Managing Director and CMO, said, “It’s only three years as the NDC, our Only Natural Diamonds consumer-facing digital editorial and advertising platform, naturaldiamonds.com, has succeeded in engaging the next generation luxury customer.” The response to our impact prompted us to move further with a biannual print book tangibly displaying the wonderful and integrous world of natural diamonds. Because we are non-profit and brand agnostic, we are able to capture the dynamic of this business, from designers to rangers in Botswana! We created our own in-house editing and content production team under Sam Broekema’s supervision during the previous year, and with diamond demand continuing strong in the US and rising internationally, the timing was ideal.”

Shaniqwa Jarvis shot the magazine’s cover in Malibu, while Thomas Christos Kikis styled it. A fascinating exploration of the history of engagement rings, profiles of influential designers making waves in the industry, and an enthralling journey with NDC Global Ambassador Lily James to Botswana, where she visited the Karowe mine and experienced the vibrant diamond community firsthand, are among the additional contents.

The magazine will be available on newsstands in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris after its debut at Couture in Las Vegas.

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