Hari Krishna Exports will debut the Pin of Hope at JCK.

Hari Krishna Exports is expected to present and showcase its latest addition to the range of spectacular natural diamonds and expertly created jewellery, meant to fascinate and inspire, at this year’s JCK Las Vegas.

Hari Krishna will present the Aasha Pin at JCK Las Vegas, combining its renowned experience in jewelry-making and environmental development.

The magnificent diamond set exemplifies Hari Krishna‘s dedication to quality and craftsmanship, as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Taking its cue from the Hindu term Aasha, which means “hope or desire,” the pin intends to revive and amplify hope in attaining the SDGs as the organisation approaches its midterm assessment in 2030.

Rishi Mehta, the founder of Diva Jewels, created Aasha Pin, which consists of three parts:

⦁ SDG Colour Wheel – Aasha Pin depicts the SDGs‘ hues, with each colour representing a different sustainable development objective.

⦁ Rays of Hope – “Rays of Hope” emanates from the SDG Colour Wheel as a reminder that there will always be hope if we commit to being agents of change. The rays, which do not have a specific fixture, also represent the SDGs‘ cross-cutting features.

⦁ Diamonds – The diamond adornment emphasises the SDGs‘ eternal nature, serving as a reminder that we must continue our efforts towards sustainable development well beyond 2030. The Dholakia Foundation aims to be a trustworthy institution for its customers and to give back to the local community.

The Dholakia Foundation‘s activities in water conservation, ecosystem restoration, and social development of local people in India will get 100% of the Aasha Pin’s profit.

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