At JCK Las Vegas, BIJC Collective makes its debut.

The BIJC Collective will be introduced at JCK Las Vegas from June 2–5, 2023, by the Black in Jewellery Coalition (BIJC), a nonprofit organisation devoted to the promotion of Black professionals in the gem, jewellery, and watch industries. The opportunity to interact with six Black-owned businesses displaying jewellery and loose gemstones will be available to attendees.

According to BIJC President Annie Doresca, “The BIJC Collective gives opportunities for emerging and established Black designers to showcase their incredible talent at trade shows, events, and retail stores.” We established the BIJC Collective at JCK Las Vegas in 2022, and with the help of the JCK Industry Fund, we were able to accomplish this feat twice.

The brands that make up the BIJC Collective 2023 can be found at booth 10042 at JCK Las Vegas.

Dorian Webb, which she developed and designed, produces items with purpose to honour women, promote African American culture, and enhance the beauty of connection. The company is based in Oakland, California, and is known for its precious and semi-precious stone patterns set in sterling silver and 18k gold.

Ola Erogbogbo founded the international high-end fine jewellery brand Deinté, which had its American debut in 2021. Deinté, pronounced “Dainty,” draws its inspiration for each piece in its American line from a place of grace, beauty, fine craftsmanship, and thoughtful designs. Each item in Deinté’s U.S. collection, created for the discriminating eye, is inspired by the wish to spread beauty throughout the world.

James McCullar is the owner and designer of James Mack Fine Jewellery, which uses diamonds that are responsibly sourced and is inspired by the architecture of prestigious boats, cars, and large cities. All of the designs are distinctive and cutting-edge as a first-generation jeweller to set them apart from the competition.

Jeffery and Christian Bolling founded KuQala Diamonds, a unique South African diamond and jewellery brand that cares about the people as well as the land.

Kealeboga Pat Pule is the owner of the custom diamond jewellery store Nungu Diamonds.

The foundation of Simone I. Smith, which he built and created, is strength, honesty, and elegance. One of Simone’s well-liked partnerships is her gorgeous collection with Mary J. Blige. The most recent Men’s collection honours 50 Years of Hip Hop with Simone I. Smith and pals and features her husband and brand ambassador, LL COOL J.

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