Diavik Diamond Mine 20th Anniversary Celebrated by Rio Tinto

The 20th anniversary of the Diavik diamond mine in Canada‘s Northwest Territories is being celebrated by mining giant Rio Tinto. Through a combination of surface and underground mining, the mine, which was found during a rush of mineral prospecting in the 1990s, has since produced more than 140 million carats of rough diamonds. Less than 1% of the diamonds that are mined are yellow diamonds, the bulk of which are superior-quality white stones.

The Diavik diamond mine is located beneath a frozen lake, necessitating cutting-edge equipment and intensive work to extract the priceless gems from the permafrost. Despite this obstacle, the mine has been able to create some of the most renowned diamonds in the world, which are distinguished by their Canadian provenance, remarkable quality, and dazzling interior fire.

Rio Tinto’s Chief Executive Minerals Sinead Kaufman expressed her admiration for the group that has helped make Diavik a success. “Driven by its pioneering spirit, Diavik is a bold and innovative company with an inspiring story that continues to set new benchmarks for technology, partnerships, and sustainability,” Kaufman stated.

With an award-winning wind farm that powers half the site on days with heavy winds, Diavik has also made significant advancements in renewable energy. The business is a pioneer in supplying renewable energy to frigid climates and runs the largest wind-diesel hybrid power station in the world.

In addition to producing some of the most extraordinary diamonds in the world over the past two decades, the Diavik mine has also shown a strong dedication to local partnerships, sustainability, and renewable energy.

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