WFDB and NDC Form Partnership

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) have partnered to encourage the expansion of the industry because they understand that rising consumer demand is crucial to the success of the natural diamond sector.

The WFDB will work with the NDC to determine ways in which the values of natural diamonds can reach more customers more regularly, through the direct reach of the WFDB, its member bourses, and their individual members, in addition to making an initial financial contribution.

The WFDB significantly cherishes the special role played by the NDC in telling customers about natural diamonds, according to WFDB President Yoram Dvash. “Consumers today have more options than ever before, and social media and digital platforms have a big influence on them. The natural diamond sector needs to be presented in a unique and real way. We think the NDC is successfully accomplishing this, and we wish to support this vital effort,” Dvash said.

Moshe Salem, vice president of the WFDB, stated that more parties needed to band together to make strategic investments in the sector. This would protect the millions of livelihoods that rely on the industry and help it remain strong, especially in those parts of the world where natural diamonds are the primary source of funding for social infrastructure like education and health care.

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