Rajahmundry gets a flagship PMJ Jewels store.

To increase its retail presence in South India, the high-end jewellery company PMJ Jewels has launched a new flagship store there. According to a press statement from PMJ Jewels on May 1, the company now operates 28 outlets in South India and intends to aggressively grow there.

With a large assortment of diamond, gold, and polki jewellery, the new PMJ Jewels store has opened its doors. The store, which sells a variety of bridal jewellery, was inaugurated in front of guests that included RUDA chairman Medapati Sharmila Reddy, IAS collector and district magistrate Madhavi Latha, and Rajahmundry‘s MLA Adireddy Bhavani.

According to a press release from the company, Adireddy Bhavani described the collections of PMJ diamonds as “aesthetic and astonishing” at the opening. “I’m sure Rajahmundry residents would adore adding these pieces of jewellery to their collections. Our sincere congratulations go out to the entire PMJ Jewels team, who have thought about how to make every customer’s visit to the store magical. As a customer, I can attest that PMJ Jewels will draw in all Rajahmundry jewellery lovers. They have promised to give their customers an experience they will never forget.

The new jewellery store now sells a variety of lightweight items made for everyday use in addition to its bridal and traditional jewellery lines. All of the jewellery produced by the company, which has been around for more than 50 years, is made in India.

Ram Reddy, D2H vertical head at PMJ Jewels, said, “Rajahmundry is one of the fastest growing cities in AP with a noteworthy cultural and traditional legacy.” “The new store, which is a two-story structure with a floor size of 5,000 square feet, is where we are presenting the finest selection of never-before-seen bridal diamond, gold, and polki jewellery collection. We are incredibly grateful for the kindness and affection the city’s jewellery lovers have shown us. The newest designs we have at this new store will appeal to jewellery aficionados in and around Rajahmundry, and we guarantee a fantastic shopping experience for everyone who visits the showroom. In the coming future, we hope to expand PMJ Jewels‘ presence throughout AP.

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