Shelley Brown has been recruited by the Natural Diamond Council to increase engagement with industry partners.

The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) has appointed Shelley Brown, a former Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor at The Knot, as the Industry Partner Programme Lead. Brown will be based in New York City and be in charge of expanding the NDC‘s engagement with US industry partners, building partnerships, and working with internal teams to carry out the NDC‘s objectives. The news was released on May 1st, 2023.

The NDC is a global organisation that aids the production of natural diamonds, and its Only Natural Diamonds website acts as the definitive source for information on the subject. According to NDC, Brown is the perfect choice for the job due to her extensive history in editorial journalism, which includes previous employment at Backstage Magazine, Lucky Magazine, and Paste Magazine as well as her specialisation in the jewellery industry while working at The Knot.

In her new position, Brown will take part in all US-related efforts to produce substantial advantages for investing partners as well as coordination and exchange of best practises between the international teams, particularly in cases when benefits are cross-border. The NDC is sure that Brown’s experience will help to expand its business relationships and bring significant advantages to its investing partners.

The organization’s attempts to strengthen its commitment to improvement and offer transparency and insight into the development of the natural diamond sector have advanced significantly with Brown’s appointment. All NDC activities will take place on NaturalDiamonds.com, which will serve as the official venue.

Ten million workers in the industry and their families are supported globally by the NDC, which has operations in the US, China, India, the UAE, and Europe. Its members operate in ten nations, including Canada, South Africa, and Botswana, over four continents.

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