52nd anniversary of GII is being celebrated.

Gemmological Institute of India, GII has completed its 52nd year on 12th April, 2023. It was celebrated on Saturday, 15 April, 2023 in the Convention hall, Bharat Diamond Bourse, BKC. All the trustees, important trade personalities of G&J industry, visiting faculty members of GII and GII employees attended

On April 12, 2023, the Gemmological Institute of India (GII) celebrated the end of its 52nd year. On Saturday, April 15, 2023, it was observed in the Convention Hall of the Bharat Diamond Bourse in BKC. Attendees included all of the trustees, significant figures from the G&J business, visiting faculty from GII, and GII staff.

The event was presided over by Anoop Mehta, Chairman of GII and President of BDB, and it got underway after the National Anthem was sung. Dr. AVR Reddy, CEO of GII, described how five visionaries—Kirti Doshi, Pravin Nanavati, Padmakant Jhaveri, Himmat Jhaveri, and Rajendra A. Shah—met in 1965 and decided to form GII. Starting GII as a nonprofit making trust entity required another 6 years. Due to COVID-19, which has affected people from all walks of life globe, GII wanted to commemorate its Golden Jubilee two years ago but was unable to. Additionally, it gave GII “survival lessons.” On a financial level, GII was on the verge of failure. Since its coworkers worked so diligently, GII has not only survived but also acquired the appellation “GII is an institute.” that will work in adverse conditions also,” started earning and today GII has recovered financially

Anoop thanked the staff for their efforts in displaying independence under the tough COVID 19 conditions in his speech. Additionally, he remembered the founders’ vision of employee cooperation and trust. He specifically thanked GJEA for sponsoring the GII at the outset and GJEPC for continuing to do so for about two decades. He stated that BDB had given GII office space so they could run Kiosk and conduct research on diamonds. He notably commended Bakul, the former chairman of GII, for helping GII create a machine that could distinguish between synthetic and natural diamonds in this regard. He wished everyone luck and gave them his full support.

GJEPC Chairman Shri Vipulbhai Shah praised GII for reaching 52 years of illustrious existence. He stated that GJEPC has been leading the charge in working with GII to enhance service to G&J Trade. He is sure that GII would perform better in the upcoming years to realise the goals and ideals of illustrious forebears.

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