With LVMH’s acquisition of Platinum Invest, Tiffany & Co. will grow its production.

To increase the production capabilities of its brand Tiffany & Co. in France and to support its rapid growth in jewellery and high jewellery, LVMH acquired the Platinum Invest Group from French investment firms Andera Partners and Bpifrance. Platinum Invest Group is the European market leader in producing jewellery for large luxury houses.

Platinum Invest’s manufacturing capacity and expertise were greatly boosted with the addition of over 800 personnel, elevating it to the standard in Europe. The acquisition also guarantees the knowledge and skill of jewellery making is passed down and learned, ensuring the longevity of these abilities in France.

Denis De Becker, President of Platinum Invest, said: “The support of our partners Andera Partners and Bpifrance has been a real accelerator of our development over the past 4 years. It is now a new stage in the life of Platinum Invest that is opening up. We are very proud to join the LVMH group, to strengthen our ties with a House as iconic as Tiffany and Co. and to be able to contribute to its growth and development.”

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