Zoya store is positioned as a timeless experience of wearable art.

The flagship store of Zoya, a diamond boutique from the House of Tata, has opened in Hyderabad and is a celebration of luxury, art and visual storytelling.

Zoya, the diamond boutique from the House of Tata, has announced the opening of its flagship boutique in Hyderabad. This store located at the upmarket Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad, is positioned as a celebration of the Zoya collection.

“With an Indian soul and an eye on the world, the Zoya boutique in Hyderabad is a shining example of the atelier’s signature experience of warm luxury, an unforgettable affair that elevates the way fine jewellery is experienced in India,” says the company statement.

According to the firm, the Zoya boutique in Hyderabad has been created as a work of art in itself. It features imposing doors that open into an elegant gallery and invite visitors to take their time exploring the Zoya products. A closer look at the delicate intricacies of each masterpiece is encouraged by the floating glass showcases against the white walls. The exquisite selections of the atelier are echoed on a curved white wall decorated with distinctive symbols of inspiration, and handcrafted paper art enhances the visual narrative. Concrete panels that have been moulded to express Zoya‘s handcrafted essence take inspiration from the facets and layers of the Zoya woman, according to the business.

Unfurling outwards into five lush and feminine spaces in calming shades of jasmine white, blush, and beige, each section resonates powerfully with meaning, inviting guests to journey into the heart of the brand and experience its rich heritage of storytelling. Soft materials amplify natural light, unifying the different environments and creating a serene ambiance for patrons to transition seamlessly from wearable to expressive collections and experience the powerful stories hosted therein.

Last but not least, the private lounge was created as a place to showcase fine jewellery and promote conversation. Customers are invited to enjoy uninterrupted moments of self-indulgence as they explore their passion for fine jewellery in this cosy setting created by sheer pink curtains.

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