Disha Patani unveiled Reliance Jewels’ Vindhya Collection in Varanasi to commemorate Akshaya Tritiya.

Reliance Jewels, India’s top jewellery brand, continues its heritage of honoring holidays with unique and exquisite collections by launching the Vindhya collection on Akshaya Tritiya this year. Vindhya, the ninth installment in the legendary ‘Jewels of India’ collection series, draws inspiration from Madhya Pradesh’s rich artistic heritage. Disha Patani, a fashion icon and Bollywood diva, revealed the exclusive festive collection at a special event held at the Reliance Jewels store in Varanasi.

Akshaya Tritiya, an auspicious holiday in Hindu culture that represents prosperity and abundance, is said to be the ideal time to acquire jewels. To commemorate the event, the Reliance Jewels Vindhya Collection features a breathtaking selection of jewelry items that pay tribute to Madhya Pradesh’s rich cultural legacy and architectural beauty. Each piece is painstakingly carved with designs inspired by notable Madhya Pradesh structures such as the Gwalior Fort, the Sanchi Stupa, the Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain, and the Mitaoli and Bateshwar Temples.

Sunil Nayak, CEO of Reliance Jewels, said on the occasion: “The Vindhya Collection’s launch this Akshaya Tritiya demonstrates our dedication to commemorating India’s unique cultural history. Inspired by Madhya Pradesh’s rich traditions, this collection is the ninth in our ‘Jewels of India’ series and serves as a monument to our commitment to exhibiting Indian art and craftsmanship.

He went on to say, “Akshaya Tritiya is the best time to buy jewelry since it represents wealth and success, and this year, we’re giving our consumers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bring fortune home with the Vindhya collection! The stunning collection represents not only affluence and elegance, but also the timeless joyful spirit of Akshaya Tritiya and our brand, Reliance Jewels.”

Actress Disha Patani expressed her delight while launching the collection at Reliance Jewels‘ Varanasi store, saying, “Each piece in this collection is a masterpiece reflecting Madhya Pradesh’s rich cultural heritage and architectural splendour.” Personally, I adore the diamond necklace design, which seamlessly combines motifs from numerous Ujjain temples. It’s more than simply jewelry; it’s a true symbol of heritage and beauty that everyone should have in their wardrobe.”

The Vindhya collection, produced with precision, includes a wide selection of jewellery pieces, from delicately crafted chokers to elaborately designed bangles in gold and diamond. The Vindhya Collection is more than just jewellery; it is a tribute to history, elegance, and eternal beauty. Each piece radiates elegance and sophistication, making it great for celebrating Akshaya Tritiya in style, whether worn with a traditional saree for a festive occasion or added a touch of glamour to a contemporary ensemble or your regular wear.

The Vindhya collection is the latest edition to Reliance Jewels‘ ‘Jewels of India’ series, celebrating India’s many regions, cultures, architecture, and workmanship. While Vindhya is inspired by Madhya Pradesh’s creative delicacy and timeless grace, the series’ preceding eight collections have been a monument to India’s beauty:

  • Swarn Banga collection honors Bengal’s poetic beauty and cultural legacy.
  • The Thanjavur collection was inspired by Thanjavur, the Chola Empire’s capital, and its rich history.
  • The Mahalaya collection portrayed the grandeur of Maharashtra.
  • The Rannkaar collection depicts the stark beauty of the Rann of Kutch.
  • Kaasyam collection shines with the splendor of Banaras.
  • The Utkala series captures the exuberance of coastal Odisha.The Atulyaa collection highlights Rajasthan’s regal heritage and Mughal-era splendor.
  • The Apurvam collection depicts the architectural splendor of Hampi.

The Vindhya Collection is currently available in all Reliance Jewellery outlets. Customers can discover and adorn themselves with these intriguing pieces during the Akshaya Tritiya season, bringing wealth and abundance.

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