Limelight Lab Grown Diamonds launches its grand store in Kolkata with Adah Sharma.

Limelight Diamonds, India’s largest CVD diamond jewellery company, is excited to open its second store in Kolkata in just 15 months. The new store opens in the heart of Kolkata’s vibrant Kankurgachi neighborhood. This huge 500-square-foot store in Kankurgachi marks another key milestone in Limelight‘s expansion across India.

Adah Sharma, a prominent Bollywood actress from ‘The Kerala Story’, graced the debut of Limelight‘s newest store in support of sustainable luxury. Adah Sharma admired the Brand’s designs and the large choice of CVD diamond studded jewellery. She also admired the quality of the diamonds, as well as the fact that they were grown and produced entirely in India.

Adah Sharma told the media, “I am completely in awe of the store and the concept of lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are confirmed authentic and identical to mined diamonds, with no sacrifices in quality. They are sustainable, avoiding all environmental difficulties associated with mining, and they are grown and manufactured entirely in India! I believe that every Indian woman will be proud to wear her own sustainable dream size diamond–a true bigger and bolder upgrade. I applaud team Limelight on bringing this concept to Kolkata and wish them all the best.”

Pooja Sheth Madhavan, Founder & MD of Limelight Diamonds, expresses her pleasure, saying, “After receiving such a positive customer response at our first store in Forum Mall, opening a second store to expand our reach in the city was an obvious choice.” The cherry on top was having our Kolkata partners (Jash Jewellers) open this second store, which only strengthened our relationship and validated their belief in the brand. We feel that the Kankurganchi store will improve our presence in the city, and we are excited to make this one a success while also expanding our reach in the Eastern belt with our partners.”

In the previous two years, the brand has experienced fast expansion and now has the largest reach in the country for LGD jewels, with 10+ stores and 40+ shop-in-shops scattered throughout 25+ cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. The Brand has quickly established itself as the premier source for solitaire jewellery. It has an outstanding assortment of solitaire necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that represent a perfect marriage of new era technology and classic fine jewelry.

The store’s retail design is thoughtfully crafted to fit the brand’s ideal of elegance, modernism, sustainability, and luxury. Inside, the brand showcases a clean and minimalistic design that highlights the beauty of their lab-grown diamond jewelry. Consumers are in for a treat with the wonder of a hologram display and an awe-inspiring 3D experience, making their visit memorable. In addition, the brand’s customer services include design customization, lifetime buyback, and a 100% exchange guarantee, which will inspire even more faith and confidence in customers who visit the store.

The brand’s strength is proven not only by its nationwide shop presence, but also by consumer interest and sales response. Limelight‘s gross sales in FY24 exceeded INR 80 crores across the country, representing a more than 230% increase over the previous year. Branded sales have increased year on year, giving the company more confidence to engage directly with customers and extend its retail presence. With a rising market presence, the Brand continues to develop its customer base by presenting an exceptional assortment of never-before-seen solitaire diamond jewellery.

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