Divine Solitaires releases Solus, a collection of exceptional yellow diamond jewelry.

Divine Solitaires, India’s most renowned solitaire jewellery company, has released Solus by Divine Solitaires, a premium collection of brilliant and powerful yellow diamond jewellery. These rare and exceptional natural yellow diamonds capture the warmth of the sun and the brilliance of the heavens. Made for the discerning diamond buyer, these stunning diamonds are the result of years of research and development to perfect the optimum standards of hue, saturation, and spread that set them apart from the competition.

Divine guarantees that the color is pure and free of overtones, that the saturation is optimal, and that the spread is uniform throughout the diamond. The diamonds are cut to preserve their natural colour and highlight their real brilliance. Solus offers a collection of jewelry styles made specifically to highlight the distinct nature of these rare and premium – brilliant and intense yellow diamonds. They include the same Divine promise of high quality and transparent pricing, as well as features like as lifetime upgrade and buyback and check & Track, which allows you to check origin and track current costs while on the road. These are unparalleled in the industry and bring enormous comfort and trust to the user.

Jignesh Mehta, Founder and MD of Divine Solitaires, adds, “Solus epitomizes our devotion to innovation, which provides distinct value to our partner jewelers. It bridges the gap in what our partners can give their clients, particularly the more discerning ones, and enables them to stand out in the market. It will significantly grow the solitaire market and people’s desire to buy one.”

The Solus collection, which debuted today with rings and pendant designs, will expand to include more alternatives. They will be available shortly at top partner jewelers, providing diamond enthusiasts with a unique option while also fulfilling their need to stand out from the crowd. Its beauty and presence will captivate and amaze passersby. It’s a line designed specifically for the exceptional ones.

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