NDC Expands Education Platform

Natural Diamond Council (NDC) announces the expansion of the current Education Program. The advancement includes a new monthly subscription option, in addition to the existing annual subscription offering, and 19 comprehensive role play videos simulating in-store client experience.

These videos are centered around the most frequently asked questions and misconceptions consumers have about diamonds while showcasing different scenarios that celebrate the real, billion-year-old natural and finite geological marvels, each its own unique masterpiece, and the responsible and positive impact of the industry.

The videos are depicted through the lens of the self-purchasing and gift shopping consumer and the purchasing–couple. The format comprises 1–3-minute video sequences that can be used as a protocol for sales advisors and jewelry professionals to tell the natural diamond story and value proposition confidently.

Established in 2023, NDC’s Education Program remains an innovative digital platform built to empower retailers and individuals to gain a comprehensive understanding of natural diamond values and the integrity and impact of the industry.

Delivering a best-in-class curriculum of natural diamond insights through a robust digital library, the education comprises seven interactive learning modules featuring digestible lessons marked by a dedicated episode which imparts natural diamond knowledge beyond the 4C’s. Engaging quick and self-paced e-modules, each of which have accompanying and shareable social media assets and animated content to bring turn-key value beyond completion of each module. Participants receive certificates of completion of each course and gain the tools to confidently deliver diamond facts and information while increasing the customer’s trust and desire to make a purchase for themselves or loved ones.

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