Zambian emeralds dazzle with Indian label

Gemfields Zambian emeralds dazzle in inaugural collaboration with Indian label Shruti Sushma! The newly unveiled collection of necklaces and earrings harks back to the glamour of bygone days and features Zambian emeralds from the Kagem mine.

Shruti Sushma is a mother-daughter fine jewellery house with showrooms in Ahmedabad and Bangalore and is revered by a discerning clientele in India and beyond for its devotion to the finest Indian craftsmanship traditions.

Redefining Indian style with delicate and wearable designs, the new Gemfields x Shruti Sushma collection showcases floral-inspired pieces alongside those that nod to India’s rich heritage. Many of the pieces pair emeralds with diamonds and tanzanites creating a subtle floral tapestry; and all are set in 18k gold. The Amore Emerald and Tanzanite Earrings and Necklace convey the essence of love with heart-shaped gemstones. The Honey Flute Necklace arranges emeralds and diamonds in a beguiling pattern reminiscent of a swirly honey flute. And the Sugarloaf Long Emerald Chain has a delicate flowery motif with sugarloaf-cut emeralds. The Emerald and Diamond Double Hoops are both classically elegant and traditionally Indian in style.

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