A Female-Founded, LGDinTech launched

In a ground-breaking move that marks the beginning of a new era in the integration of diamond cultivation and technological innovation, LGDinTech has officially launched.

In industries often dominated by traditional perspectives, LGDinTech stands out not only for its innovative approach but also for its leadership. The company is proudly female founded, emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion from the top down. This leadership choice reflects LGDinTech‘s commitment to challenging norms and pioneering change in the diamond and technology industries.

Adding to the company’s robust leadership are two Ph.D. scientists, Bill Holber and Jonathan Levine-Miles who serve as key advisors. Their expertise in the fields of diamond growing for technological applications ensures that LGDinTech is well-poised to lead the growth of lab-grown diamonds in sectors such as semiconductors, quantum computing, laser systems, medical technology, and space travel.

The LGDinTech consortium will create a synergistic ecosystem where the leading diamond growers of the world will interact with researchers, institutions, and organization at the forefront of technological domains, from electronics to new materials science.

“Our vision goes beyond just merging two industries; it’s about creating a new paradigm where the properties of diamond can be fully unleashed to drive innovation across multiple sectors,” says Liz Chatelain, founder of LGDinTech. “We believe in the power of collaboration to bring about transformative changes that benefit not just our members, but society as a whole.”

Looking to the Future! With its official launch, LGDinTech invites diamond growers, technology companies, engineers, scientist, machine manufacturers, trade associations, research institute to join, partner, and invest in this journey towards making a significant impact on the future of technology and diamond growing. The consortium is poised for a series of exciting announcements in the coming months, including partnerships, research alliances, and tech trade event participation.

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