NDC launches new global platform

Natural Diamond Council (NDC) announces a new platform that underscores the unique beauty and rarity of natural diamonds, and the ethical responsibility inherent within the global natural diamond industry: Real. Rare. Responsible.

“Our mission is to inspire and educate consumers on the unique values of natural diamonds and the positive impact and commitments of the industry,” said Kristina Buckley Kayel, Managing Director & CMO-North America at NDC. “The new framework of Real. Rare. Responsible cohesively ties in our mission throughout NDC’s editorial destination (naturaldiamonds.com), celebrity ambassador and sustainability global advertising campaigns, as well as all social channels.

In doing so, these real, billion-year-old finite geological marvels, and the responsible and positive impact of the industry are conveyed consistently across all consumer touchpoints directly and through our retail partners.”

NDC’s Global Ambassador Lily James experienced the importance of real, rare, responsible firsthand through two discovery trips. After James’ life-changing, visit to Botswana, where she toured the Karowe Diamond Mine, experienced the beauty of the Orapa Game Park, and met with the students at Livingstone House Primary School, she was inspired and eager to learn more about the positive effects of diamond recovery in other regions of the world.

Last week, NDC and James embarked on a discovery adventure of the Northwest Territories (NWT) of Canada. It is still a little-known fact that Canada is the world’s third largest producer of diamonds, with the first discovery in the region in the 1990s. Canadian Diamonds are found in the remote Subarctic corner of the world and are predominantly white, high-end ‘bridal quality’ gems.

The discovery trip comprised diamond destinations such as the remote Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine site, and Rio Tinto’s Yellowknife splitting facility where they consolidate all rough diamonds to inspect, sort, and assess value. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences included catching the Aurora northern lights, traveling across the infamous Ice Roads, and attending a cultural experience to learn about how the natural diamond industry supports the Yellowknives Dene First Nation traditional way of life.

“In addition to Botswana representing a vital part within the natural diamond industry, it’s important to share with the world the fact that Canada also remains an integral role as a natural diamond producer,” shared David Kellie, CEO of NDC.

“Visiting the NWT for the first time with Lily was immensely rewarding,” notes Kellie. “By promoting transparency, sustainability, and ethical practices, the NDC seeks to highlight the extraordinary journey of natural diamonds from mine to market. Through bringing awareness to this region, NDC aims to empower consumers to make informed decisions about their diamond purchases,” adds Kellie.

The Canadian diamond industry is a vital and responsible one. Nearly $18 Billion of diamond recovery benefits have gone toward local businesses, with a focus and financial contribution of over $8 billion to Indigenous and local people.

NWT diamond recovery activity also supports several educational opportunities and skill training organizations. Reducing carbon emissions remains an environmental priority, including through alternative sources and technologies of energy such as Rio Tinto’s Wind Turbine farm. The diamond mining companies have a zero-interference policy and work tirelessly with local communities and universities to study and protect the natural environments, wildlife and ecosystems of the region, home to the grizzly bear, caribou, fox, wolverine, and bison, as well as magnificent landscapes of Arctic tundra, boreal forest, and lakes.

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