LGDinTech redefining diamond growing landscape

In a ground-breaking move that marks the beginning of a new era in the integration of diamond cultivation and technological innovation, LGDinTech has officially launched. At the forefront of this revolutionary venture is a dynamic website, serving as the digital portal to the new consortium’s ambitious goals and upcoming projects.

Founded on the principles of innovation, research, and collaboration, LGDinTech is set to redefine the landscape of diamond growing and its significant utility in scientific research and technology applications. For example, most materials with high thermal conductivity are also electrically conductive, e.g. metals. In contrast, pure lab-grown diamond has high thermal conductivity, but negligible electrical conductivity.

This combination is invaluable for electronics where diamond is used as a heat spreader for laser diodes, laser arrays and high-power transistors. Efficient heat dissipation prolongs the lifetime of those electronic devices. Additionally in semiconductor technology, lab-grown diamond heat spreaders prevent devices from overheating.

By uniting the world’s foremost diamond growers with elite players in the global technology sectors, LGDinTech aims to foster an ecosystem ripe for unprecedented research, ground-breaking innovation, and unparalleled commercial success.

LGDinTech has already started connecting with the tech industry by attending the recent DesignCon trade event in San Jose California as well as joining trade association such as SEMI, IEEE and Material Research Society (MRS).

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