Dreams can come true if you believe in them

The synonym of beauty that’s never the same and is always perfect. We, the audience watch the wild adventures of Bella Baxter in the new film, Poor Things, speechless. We’re so used to our claims for freedom being driven by the rage of need instead of by the candor of desire, that we marvel at how this woman is able to remove the pall of judgment in her ungainly and irresistible shots.

Then, at home, on another channel, we see the face of an amused Ornella Vanoni as she shrugs off the rules of others and walks colorfully and casually on the legend she herself has created with her singing. She’s proud of her originality, especially when others dislike it.

Finally, on Netflix, a movie tells the story of Diana Nyad, a sixty-year-old athlete who decides to make a nearly impossible dream come true: an open water swim of more than 160 km in the Straits of Florida that separate Cuba and Florida. She too follows her dream with conviction, despite the expectations of others.

And once again, the scent of freedom is in the air. Each of these women conveys her own revolution, reminding us that dreams can come true if you believe in them without hesitation and if you begin living them today, with the urgency that is typical of desire. Our wish for all women, on the day that celebrates them, is that they’re able to reach the horizons of their dreams and to open the eyes of the world – the time to pretend to be sleeping is over. It’s time to create freedom together.

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