Platinum Evara Embraces the WPL with #IGotThis

The rise of women’s cricket in our country has been nothing short of inspirational and it offers the perfect platform for Platinum Evara, platinum jewellery aimed at the young woman segment. As a brand that stands for a celebration of womanhood, the rise to prominence of women’s cricket provides an ideal backdrop to bring the brand world alive.

Platinum Evara has been associating with cricket since last year, via Jemimah who is the face of the brand. The integration with WPL takes that journey further and builds upon the foundation of Platinum Evara’s “Becoming Me,” which highlighted Jemimah’s inspiring journey from passionate six-year-old to a cricketing icon.

In today’s world, a wave of positive, confident femininity is reshaping perceptions and empowering young women to embrace their journeys. They do so with a lot of self-belief, by defining their own self-worth, by embracing their strengths and flaws alike. This growth makes them the individual they want to be. In the realm of cricket too, this journey comes to life, historically dominated by men, players like Jemimah, are rewriting the rules.

They’re redefining what it means to be a woman in a male-dominated sport, using the cricket field as a canvas for their unique expressions of strength and skill. These women have navigated through scepticism to stand tall in the league, facing every doubt head on. Armed with a profound self-belief they counter any obstacle in their own distinctive, extraordinary way. #IGotThis – is a celebration of the unique, powerful journey of women in sports and beyond, embodying the spirit of resilience, confidence.

It’s about recognising and honouring the quiet strength and the inner belief that propels young women to chart their own courses, on the cricket field and in life, with assurance and grace.

#IGotThis is a series of five dynamic social first content pieces, each centred around a doubt that Jemimah eliminates with a simple phrase. Beyond this content, the brand will chronicle her journey through the WPL with key candid BTS moments, instances of her practicing, playing, reflecting, in conversation or even taking a break between games.

Episodic branded content will go live as spikes to this association. The Platinum Evara’s Instagram handle during this period will transform into Jemimah’s loudest cheerleader, using #GoPlatinumGirl to rally fans and support for her. Fans will be invited to share messages of support for Jemimah, participate in contests & win giveaways. The intent is to foster a sense of community among fans, while also amplifying the brand’s presence during the tournament.

In addition, the brand will leverage contextual signals from the game to engage with audiences by tapping into real time events as they unfold in the matches she plays. Dynamic, contextual creative assets will be deployed amidst our audience cohorts that have an affinity for the game. For instance, if Jemimah hits a six a contextual branded creative will be deployed real time in sync with this event. These real-time assets will attempt to match the energy of the match – celebrating every triumph through the game.

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