ICA advocates for gender equality in the jewelry industry

In a recent statement, Damien Cody, the President of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), underscored the pivotal role women play in driving jewelry demand globally. Despite their significant influence on fashion trends, preferences, and designs, women remain underrepresented in crucial sectors and leadership positions within the jewelry industry.

Cody highlighted disparities both downstream, where women are prominently represented in jewelry design and retail segments, and upstream, where they are notably lacking in mining, sourcing, cutting, dealing, manufacturing, and gemological research roles. He attributed this underrepresentation to various factors, including cultural and religious norms that discourage women from entering the workforce.

The ICA, Cody announced, will soon evaluate and adopt several of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 5 – Gender Equality and women’s empowerment. The organization aims to dismantle barriers and promote economic empowerment for women across its supply and value chains.

Acknowledging the need for internal reform, Cody revealed plans to increase the number of women on the ICA Board and in various committees, potentially amending the organization’s Constitution and Bylaws to facilitate this change.

In a call to action, Cody urged the diverse ICA family and the wider colored gemstone industry to actively involve more women in their businesses and decision-making processes. Emphasizing the enriching value of diverse perspectives, he stressed the industry’s responsibility to address the fundamental need for gender equality within its ranks.

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