Tara Coins a new model for silver bullion

Mark O’Byrne started Tara Coins earlier this year to fulfill a longtime need for silver bullion coins from Ireland. “The idea has been in gestation for nearly 20 years… At the time, I wanted to offer Irish bullion coins and bars but realized that there were none so I had to sell British, American, Canadian, and South African coins. I was always curious as to why we in Ireland did not have our own bullion coins, seeing as silver and particularly gold featured so prominently in our mythology and our history.”

He added: “The impetus was to have beautiful bullion coins that would capture the essence of magical mystical

Ireland, its land, and people… precious coins that would act as a store of value but also be eye catching and unique works of art.” Tara Coins is a new model, O’Byrne noted, as the company is an Irish designer and wholesaler of bullion and numismatic coins, rounds and medals.

“This has never been done before in Ireland and to my knowledge, Irish bullion coins or rounds which are investment grade and of a purity of over 99.99% have not been minted before.” These Irish coins are not issued by the Irish government and are non-legal tender.

O’Byrne added that the recently introduced Silver Tree coins, a celebration of Ireland’s ancient past and abundant future, are proving very popular. Tara Coins has Irish distributors and Bullion by Post. In conclusion, he said: “There is a lot of fear out there in the world today and we hope the Silver Trees in their own small way may bring people a little bit of joy and peace of mind.”

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