New world unfolding gold before very eyes!

Matthew Piepenburg, partner-Von Greyerz and advisor, Grant Williams along with Andy Schectman and Jay Martin in the opening presentation at the recent Vancouver Resource Investment Conference to discuss the truly tectonic shifts in the global political and financial playing field.

The panel gives specific attention to the now undeniable and growing trend toward de-dollarization and the rise of the BRICS+ trading alliances outside of the USD. The evidence of the shift away from the USD and UST in the wake of the 2022 Putin sanctions is literally everywhere, from Main Street and the bond market to global currency, energy and gold markets.

For longer-term investors seeking to prepare for these changes, this special panel makes it clear that change is not just coming, it is already here. Knowing where currency and bond markets are moving, as well as global trade, the extent and implications of these changes won’t be scary but opportunistic. Of course, gold will play a central role in the new world unfolding before our very eyes.

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