Nomis presents Spectrum ear cuff in LGDs

Nomis Jewelry announces colourful spectrum in ear cuff. They say, Modernity is the embodiment in multi-colour! Nomis offers all stone pieces in our store are available in two options, 1: Lab Grown Diamonds (LGDs) & 2: Natural Diamonds (NDs). Items with natural stones are preciously crafted on demand. Pre-order only.

All those crafts are available in 18k white, yellow & pink gold, baguette LGDs in blue sapphire, baguette LGDs of yellow sapphires, baguette LGDs of orange sapphires, baguette LGDs emeralds, baguette LGDs in red emerald and baguette LGDs violet amethysts or natural stones in size of 6/4mm and of total of 15. Approximate weight of metal could of four to six grammes, where size varies from 47 to 59.5 EU [from 4 to 9 USA]. “All our jewelry pieces are crafted individually with the vision in mind of the fast-evolving world of nowadays. Our designs and off-beat styles are constantly in flux in sync with the surrounding changes and have an unmistakable contemporary identity” said Nomis Jewelry.

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