South India gold jewellery consumption accounting for 40%  

South India maintains its dominant position in the Indian gold jewellery market, representing a significant 40% of the nation’s total demand for such items. Over the past few decades, the regional share of gold demand has remained largely unchanged, underscoring the enduring preference for gold jewellery in the southern states.

This trend is driven by various factors including consumer preference for plain gold jewellery, relatively high per capita incomes, and lower poverty levels in the region.

Recent developments within South India’s gold market have seen notable shifts. While traditionally strong states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu continue to play significant roles, there has been a rise in demand from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

This shift is attributed to increased investment inflows following the division of Andhra Pradesh and the creation of Telangana, supported by effective policy frameworks. However, Kerala has experienced a decline in demand due to the economic slowdown in the Gulf region during the Covid-19 pandemic. These trends highlight the diverse dynamics within India’s gold market, with North and West India holding substantial market shares, while Eastern India lags behind due to economic underdevelopment. Efforts by the government to boost development in the North-East region are expected to have a positive impact on market share in the coming years.

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